DragonVale Wings
DragonVale Wings
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Backflip Studios



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May 2014 (iOS)




DragonVale Wings is modeled on the game world of DragonVale. You have to control a kite flying a Dragon through a mountain landscape, here you can collect coins and gems.

Store DescriptionEdit

Soar through the skies in DragonVale Wings!

DragonVale Wings is the endlessly fun follow up to the mega-hit dragon collecting game, DragonVale™. In DragonVale Wings, the lovable Fire Dragon takes to the skies in a casual, yet challenging flying game. The flight controls are simple. Just touch and hold anywhere on the screen to soar upwards. Release your finger from the screen and your dragon dives downward. Where it gets tricky is when you need to maneuver between tight passageways and avoid treacherous obstacles. The goal is to fly as far as you can. Score points by collecting coins and gems along the way. How far can you get?

  • Touch to soar. Release to dive.
  • Avoid rocks & obstacles.
  • Collect coins & gems for points.
  • Compete for high scores.
  • Stay alive!


DragonVale Wings, by Backflip Studios00:31

DragonVale Wings, by Backflip Studios

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